It’s all too easy to create unnecessary hurdles for ourselves without even realizing it. Before launching a new endeavor, pursuing that promotion, or simply sharing our truths, doubt creeps in. We begin to ask ourselves questions like, “What if I fail?” Or, “What if I’m not qualified enough?” Or, the real kicker, “What if they don’t like the real me?”

Staying small may make you feel safe, but you know you deserve more. You owe it to yourself to do more and be more.

During 2020, a year of unexpected twists, turns, and even real pain, the g2Community learned how to PIVOT, regain our footing, and set ourselves up for success in 2021. Now, we’re ready to fully walk in our brilliance, to show up bigger and better, and to shine brighter than ever before. 


Do not be satisfied with being the loyal worker bee. You are a queen worthy of leadership.

In 2021, we are no longer impeding our own paths with excuses, doubts, or fear. We are no longer settling for less, comparing ourselves to others, or hiding our truest selves. We will take personal responsibility for our lives and be accountable to our highest ambition. We are showing up and showing out. We are polishing off our inner diamonds by doing the soul work and radiating from within.

If you’ve been waiting for a sign, consider this it. The New Year is your time to glow up and become your most brilliant, dazzling self. 

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Whether you’ve started down the path already, or you’re still in the dark, unsure of where to start, g2Coach can help light your way. Our experienced coaches and suite of career resources will help you gain clarity, build confidence, and create a game plan, so you can finally walk in your brilliance.

You’re ready for g2Coach Membership if you: 

  • Are done having your value overlooked and underappreciated
  • Are frustrated with leaving your professional development up to an employer that underestimates your true potential
  • Are struggling to find the confidence to pursue your dream career
  • Want to learn what it takes to advance your career within 12 to 18 months
  • Want a plan and a partner to help you make this the year you hit your goals Want to start creating your own opportunities right now and not wait to be chosen.
Yes, I want 30 Days of g2Coach for $1!


g2Coach is a membership-based mentoring program created by global business leader and CEO Cheryle Jackson. As a trailblazer across multiple industries, Cheryle knows firsthand that women who are ready to advance their careers don’t have to:

  • gain deep industry experience before they make a move 
  • take yet another pay cut while pursuing their dream job
  • wait until they’ve earned an advanced degree to seek that promotion; or
  • jump through all the Boy’s Club-created hoops that she and her predecessors had to.


  • Live Mentoring with Cheryle. Weekly, online sessions, including topic-based teachings and Q&A. These events may also include Cheryle's friends and colleagues' special appearances who share their gems of leadership wisdom. 
  • The PIVOT Course. A three-part, self-study course to help drive your transformation and growth by teaching you to identify when and how to transition to a new job, career, or entrepreneurship.
  • Powerful Content. Interactive content from Cheryle and the g2Coaches to help guide and fuel your level up. Lifetime Members also have access to inspiring content from Cheryle’s annual women empowerment conference Grit+Grace Day, the Grit+Grace with Cheryle interview series, and the life-changing PIVOT conference.
  • Private Facebook Community. A place of accountability where members also receive access to pop-up coaching events via Facebook Live and a community of ambitious women eager to support one another. 
  • VIP Access. Members can enjoy special access to the digital show Grit+Grace with Cheryle, live events plus replays, and discounts on VIP packages for Grit+Grace Day.

BONUS: Text Cheryle. Members get exclusive access to a text messaging platform run by Cheryle!


Cheryle Robinson Jackson’s career has been marked by many firsts, spanning international business, civil rights, politics, government, not-for-profit, and the media. Cheryle is a TEDx speaker, Emmy-Award winning producer, the creator of g2Coach, and the founder and CEO of Grit and Grace, The Movement, a women empowerment, coaching, and media company launched in 2018.

Previously, Cheryle served as Senior Vice President of Global Business Development and President of AAR Africa for AAR. She was also a candidate for President Obama’s once‐vacant U.S. Senate seat in 2010 and was the first female president and CEO of the Chicago Urban League. Prior, Cheryle served as communications director for the Governor of Illinois. Her professional experience also includes senior-level positions at Amtrak and National Public Radio (NPR).

Ty M. - Tech Manager

"I was feeling stuck and unhappy in my role. I wanted more but didn’t know how to get it.

Through g2Coach and its Career Free Agent course, I gained the confidence to show up as my authentic self. Now, I have a new job in a completely different industry where I’m valued and PAID what I’m worth!"

Chantele P. - Finance Executive

"To be perfectly honest, I’ve always been skeptical of coaches. But I decided to invest in myself, something that I’d never done. 

Now I’m armed with confidence, my personal brand strategy, and career options that put me in the driver seat and reflect who I am at a soul level."

Brandi H. - Org. Development Consultant

"I stayed in a job that made me miserable because I was fearful of taking a pay cut to do what I really loved. I didn’t know I had options for my future based on what I had always done in my past.

g2Coach’s Career Free Agent taught me how to leverage my brand to pivot into something new. I gained the confidence to leave a job that I was unhappy in and to launch my consulting business."

We love that you’re embracing all the possibilities of your brightest you. And to cheer you on, g2Coach is offering a one-time, special holiday offer to help you start off the New Year with all the gleam, gloss, and glitz of the season

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